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Web Designing / Development

The Internet is now a major tool for business, seeing rapid growth in online sales every year. In 2007, 15.23 million UK households had Internet access. This represented 61 per cent of households and an increase of nearly 1 million households, or 7 per cent, since 2006*. 84% of these households had broadband* and this rapid change to broadband is expected to continue, to meet government targets.

It is therefore vital that companies have some form of online presence to generate business and also reassure customers.

The type of website that you need can vary from a simple online brochure right through to a full scale online shop - depending on your business plan.

Individual web design experienced team of web developers have designed and built websites of all types and sizes using a wide range of web design techniques and the latest web technology.

Websites to suit all types of business

Whether you are planning to conduct all your business online or are simply looking to advertise your businesses services on the internet - a website can be built to fit your exact requirements.

A brochure style website describing your services and providing contact details is a good affordable entry point for many small businesses. This basic website could be expanded in any number of ways such as including a content management system (CMS) or online shop.

A content management system (CMS) will let you control what appears on your website. This can be as little as an updatable news section, through to a fully managed site with daily content added by multiple editors. Our CMS Managerâ„¢ content management system is designed to be easily expandable and can be tailored to fit your website design and requirements.

E-commerce websites can take many forms, with the most common being online shops. Although many of these follow the same general format and interaction with users, the technology and complexity can vary greatly amongst sites.

We can provide you with a custom built e-commerce website that will match your requirements and budget. We have a lot of experience in developing e-commerce applications and can help you plan your online business from initial designs through to launch. A wide range of payment providers can be integrated such as PayPal and Protx as well as shopping trolley and larger systems such as osCommerce.

Custom built and hand crafted websites

Our web development team take pride in every website produced. Each site is hand coded to the latest web standards and tested in a number of browsers to ensure your website will be truly accessible by both your visitors and also search engines. Search engine optimisation is always at the forefront when building a website and we will always advise you on how to best reach your target audience.

If you have a web development project you would like to discuss with us - no matter what stage you are at, then please contact us.

Helping your business to grow online.